Grinding Machine Company

Neo Mac machinery Co. Ltd. has been marketing our products to and receiving affermation from customers from over 10 countries internationally. We have years of experience in professional design and manufacturing of all types of machineries. To set us apart from others in the machinery manufacturing industry, we began to focus on specialized Round Tube Grinding Machines used in the manufacturing of bicycles in 2008. We established NEO-MAC as our brand to market to the bicycle manufacturing industry. Our new 2008 products are Single Belt Centerless Round Tube Grinding Machines, Double Belt Centerless Round Tube Grinding Machines, Four Belt Centerless Round Tube Grinding Machines, and the Heavy Duty Four Belt Centerless Round Tube Grinding Machines.

This variety of machines allow our customers to have choices suitable for their manufacturing needs. The grinding machines can work with steel tubing, brass tubing, aluminum tubing and other tubing materials. The grinding diameter range from Ø6mm~Ø60mm, The Heavy Duty Quad Belt Centerless Round Tube Grinding Machine has a grinding diameter range from Ø15mm~Ø100mm. The material feed speed is over 6 meter per minute. The grind belt can be changed easily and quickly. The Tube Grinding Machines are easy to operate and easy to maintain, It does not require professional personnel to operate.

At NEO-MAC, our goal is to provide meticulous products that have rugged mechanical structure that are extremely safe. Every machines goes through a rigorous redundant testing process before it leaves the factory making sure it meets our tough reliability and safety standard. We provide out customers the most professional mechanical products.