Double Belt Centerless Round Tube Grinding Machine

Product Feature

  • A double belt abrasive belt grinder that suitable for grinding round tube from ø6 to ø60mm.
  • A rough grit abrasive belt on first process and a finer grit abrasive belt on second process will produce a superior finish with one pass through the machine.
  • Less handing with high efficiency than achieved with MT-601B single belt abrasive belt round tube grinder.
  • Feeding speed range from 6-15 meter per minute.
  • Change abrasive belt in seconds.



Product Specification

Type MT-602B
Range of feeding Diameter ø6 to ø60mm
Range of feeding Length 200mm - Unlimited
Abrasive belt drive motor 5 HP
Vacuum suction motor 1 HP
Abrasive belt size 5" × 73" (125×1855mm)
Abrasive belt speed 18 m/sec
Feed speed 6-15 m/min.
Machine size (L ×W×H ) 950 × 650 × 1340mm
Packing size (L ×W×H ) 1100 × 790 × 1560mm
Net weight 390 kg
Gross weight 470 kg